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Why We Should NOT Buy Bottled Water


Bottled water is not good for the environment or your body, So why do people think it is better then tap water? Today we will be talking about bottled water and how it is a waste of your precious, Hard earned money. Bottled water is usually worse for you then tap water, Not only that but it is around 1000x more expensive than tap water bottled water is trying to scare people and tell them that bottled water is better then tap water by saying tap water is bad for your health. Bottled water is about the equivalent to walking out in the rain and drinking that water. Some bottled water even comes from the tap and they are just ripping you off, Over all bottled water is just a huge rip off and nobody should buy it. Here are some reasons why you should NOT buy bottled water.

  • Huge rip off
  • Less clean then tap water
  • Up to 80% ends up in landfill even when you put it into a recycle bin
  • Causes Pollution
  • 1/3 is actually tap water  

Over all bottled water is just really bad and is a waste of your money, Goodbye! 

2015 School Review


Hello everybody,

Welcome to my blog and today I am going to be talking about this year at Saint Lukes.

We have done a lot of things this year, Like Excursions, Tests and Sports Days. It has been a very interesting year at Saint Lukes because a lot has changed. I remember the first time I came to Saint Lukes I didn’t like it at all, But now it feels like home.  Now its time to talk about the Excursions and Such

We have gone to Sovereign Hill, The Immigration Museum, Jawbone Sanctuary, Science Works and lots lots more.

It is cool how the school has its own soccer rounders team, It is really fun.


Jawbone Sanctuary


On Friday we went to the Jawbone Sanctuary to see some of the Flora and Fauna. We saw some really cool plants like the New Zealand Christmas Tree and the Neptune’s Necklace. Here is a link to the storify where we added all our tweets and photos. CLICK ME!

Drinkable Book


Hello everybody, Welcome back to my blog and today we will be talking about the drinkable book.

The drinkable book was something created by scientists to help purify dirty water in poor countries. The drinkable book is created from special paper that filters dirty water and the best part about it is that it costs pennies to create. A single filter will last someone 30 days of pure water!

Here is the link to the drinkable book video!

Click Me!

Production Post


Hello, Welcome to my blog. Today I will be posting about our school production. At the production we did a play about fairy tails and a dragon named Puff. Puff wanted to be in a fairy tail so Puff looked everywhere for a fairy tail that he could be in, He tried the three bears, The big bad wolf and even Sleeping Beauty! Really interesting and cool!

Transit Program


Today at school there were two people from the Whitehorse Council that talked to us about  Transport. They showed us a few videos which I will link later and they also told us that it is good for your health AND the environment to go places on Trains and Bikes etc. The reason why Trains are better to ride then cars is because they are powered by Electricity instead of Petrol. They also told us the issues of Searching for Transport, Safety, Health and The Environment. They said that sometimes its hard to find Public Transport since you cant just  tell a bus to come to you, On the PTV Website it gives you a map of the Bus/Trains in the area. The two videos they showed us was the Dumb Ways to Die video and an Awareness Test. They also told us to visit this website. PTV WEBSITE

How Baboons Have Adapted


Hello Everybody, Welcome back to my Blog.   

Imagine how cool it would be becoming an animal! Why would it be cool you ask? When you read the following post you will understand. Animals like the Olive Baboon in Kenya can easily adapt to the area around them. Most Olive Baboons that are in Kenya eat Prickly Pears  even though other animals eating them can cause fatal injuries. The Olive Baboons roll the Prickly Pears in the dirt to get the dangerous parts off it so when they eat it they will not get hurt. Its amazing how nature can be so successful in trying new things.

This is a picture of a Prickly Pear


Our Mini Fair


Today at our School we had a mini fair consisting of Chocolate Throw, Face Paint, Cake Stall, Book Stall, Healthy Food, Toy Store and A lolly Store. Our class did the Chocolate Throw and we raised a lot of money for Bahay Tuluyan. My favourite stall was the Cake Stall where they had muffins the size of my hand! Over all the whole day everyone had lots of fun especially the people who won the big chocolates at our stall.
Chocolate Throw