I hope I don’t see many spiders and scream and make myself look stupid and a scaredy cat because arachnophobia is terrible.

I am anticipating that there will be a lot of fun activities.

I hope that we all become friends because there are some certain people that I dislike.

I am looking forward to archery because it sounds fun.
Post Camp

The best part was when (Anonymous Teacher) walked in and yelled at us for laughing and then we laughed even more.

The funniest thing was (Anonymous Student) being smashed by a thong by (Anonymous Student).

The hardest part was walking everywhere, especially down/up hills.

Something I learned was not to lean outside of canoes or else you will fall out.

Someone I got to know better was Jacob W because we socialised more at the Recreation Room.

Something that surprised me was that I didn’t get food poisoning.

Most memorable part watching (Anonymous Student) be smashed by a thong by (Anonymous Student).

Senior S Cafe


When Miss Scott pulled out the hummus I knew this was going ti be fun. When I tried the Tzatziki Dip I was surprised to have the divine taste of the dip and I thought it would have the taste dreadful especially with the carrot.

For my second dish I tried the hummus with carrot it was the delightful when you bite into it you can instantly taste this amazing oniony taste.

For my last dish I had the seaweed cracker with hummus and to my surprise the hummus didn’t save the meal at all and it tasted inedible especially the aftertaste.

Overall most of the meals were a work of art and the other people in the cafe will probably agree with me too!

The Melbourne Star Review


What I liked:
You could see a lot of the City
It is Air Conditioned
Cheap Merchandise
Right Near Shops

What I disliked:
Too Slow
Too Expensive
Random People in your Cart
When other people are talking you cannot hear the Narrator


The Melbourne Star was Superlative because when you got to the highest part of the wheel you could see a large amount of the city and even see some things you wouldn’t be able to witness without being so high up on the Melbourne Star, It was a very good experience particularly when you are with your family and friends.\

Overall Rating:

My Picture Book


In Seniors we have been making picture books, I made mine completely with Google Drawings and Google Slides.


This is the Picture Book.

Should We Do Sport Everyday


Do you think we should have sport everyday? No, We shouldn’t here is why.


  1. If we had sport every day we would be so tired and we would not be able to do anything after school.

2. If we did PE everyday we might get sick of doing sport and find it super boring.

3. If we had sport all the time we could get really sore and find it hard to run or maybe even walk. Sport 1 or 2 times a week would be good

My conclusion is that the sport calendar we currently have is superlative and there is no need to change it.


My Holidays


Hello, Readers. Today I am going to be writing about what I did on my holidays, For the first four-five days we were not doing anything and just relaxing, After that we started moving furniture into our new house. Then after that we just relaxed until it was time to go back to school, I did miss the first day of school though because I got a bite on my leg and it got infected so it hurt when I was walking around, Well I guess this is the end of this blog post, Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.

My Buddy, Tom.


Hello, Everybody. I am back and I am here with my buddy, Lets talk about my Buddy:

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food: Chicken

Favourite Animal: Hippopotamus

Favourite Chocolate: Dark Chocolate

Favourite Movie: Star Wars

Favourite TV Show: Lightning McQueen

Favourite Drink: Apple Juice

Favourite Dinosaur: T-Rex

Favourite Number: 30

Favourite Lollies: Lollipop

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Favourite Letter: T

Favourite Teacher: Mrs K

Favourite Fruit: Apple

Age: 5