I hope I don’t see many spiders and scream and make myself look stupid and a scaredy cat because arachnophobia is terrible.

I am anticipating that there will be a lot of fun activities.

I hope that we all become friends because there are some certain people that I dislike.

I am looking forward to archery because it sounds fun.
Post Camp

The best part was when (Anonymous Teacher) walked in and yelled at us for laughing and then we laughed even more.

The funniest thing was (Anonymous Student) being smashed by a thong by (Anonymous Student).

The hardest part was walking everywhere, especially down/up hills.

Something I learned was not to lean outside of canoes or else you will fall out.

Someone I got to know better was Jacob W because we socialised more at the Recreation Room.

Something that surprised me was that I didn’t get food poisoning.

Most memorable part watching (Anonymous Student) be smashed by a thong by (Anonymous Student).

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