Garbage DIsposal

Today we watched a video about landfill and how the government deals with it.

First they take it to somewhere that they can sort through all the rubbish and take out things like glass and other rubbish that takes thousands of years to decompose. Next they get trucks to take the sorted rubbish to the landfill site, Then they start by digging a huge 16 metre hole in the ground so it is hard to just find that it used to be a landfill site, After that they put clay around the outsides of it to stop it from leaking through into the soil and affecting it, Then they get a huge truck and drive over the rubbish to try and squish it down, Then they put it into the hole and layer it with soil. However after about 50 years they move the landfill site so they plant trees on top of the buried garbage so when the rubbish starts decomposing the trees suck up all the carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen. It also puts out methane after awhile they will actually be able to use for electricity. We also played a game about putting rubbish in the right bin, It was really fun but it was pretty creepy when you put the rubbish in the right bin because the bin would eat it and make a really loud burp sound. If you had a say what would you do with Australia’s rubbish? Do you think the current rubbish disposal method is adequate?

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