Transit Program

Today at school there were two people from the Whitehorse Council that talked to us about  Transport. They showed us a few videos which I will link later and they also told us that it is good for your health AND the environment to go places on Trains and Bikes etc. The reason why Trains are better to ride then cars is because they are powered by Electricity instead of Petrol. They also told us the issues of Searching for Transport, Safety, Health and The Environment. They said that sometimes its hard to find Public Transport since you cant just  tell a bus to come to you, On the PTV Website it gives you a map of the Bus/Trains in the area. The two videos they showed us was the Dumb Ways to Die video and an Awareness Test. They also told us to visit this website. PTV WEBSITE

3 thoughts on “Transit Program

  1. Thanks, Brandon! This is a good summary of the Whitehorse Council’s visit. Before you know it, you’ll be needing to find your way to high school!

    Mrs Y

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